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We improve lifestyle of underprivileged society

The Grandl Web and its History

The work that represented us kept our history as we would not have expected

  Grandl Web is an IT company that offers services to a wide clientele. The company enjoys a fast internet network and offers foreign countries quality at a good price. We are glad to have you close to us and we invite you to view our page to fulfill your precise purpose.

  ” Headquartered in Romania, Grandl Web is part of the elite band of what we call the “European IT Center”. The main field of activity is IT Services and we offer a wide range of features and offers for you at the price of … “

What it is and How you buy ?

  You now have the opportunity to choose from the best and complex Service packages. Because you already know the service you want to purchase, Our Online Store is at your disposal to help you.

  Choose from the wide range of packages that the company puts at your disposal. On the left we have the steps you need to know but when you buy from us. It is so simple and correct to know the price from the beginning.

  The Grandl Web company respects its customers because it offers them the best-thought-out packages at an advantageous price. We respect your time and we do not want to waste it for disadvantageous consultants, so now you can purchase our packages in the best and most secure methods.


Hosting / Maintenance

The website needs a hosting place and we recommend you to choose the safest one.

Web Design & Video

Your brand requires a special uniqueness. You now have the chance to structure it.

Website & Mobile App

Now choose the website you want to implement.

Digital Marketing

Like creating a website, marketing services are just as important.


Systems statistics

  Our company provides high quality services, integral in the field of hosting and offers a platform where your data is kept safe and protection systems against digital attacks. Our servers are located in the largest DataCenter in Romania, where there is an administration panel for access to contracted services.

What We Do

What we can achieve

Bussiness Website

Your ” New Business Card “.

Online Shop or Booking System

For any integrated and updated payment system.

Blog or News Access system

We publicize everything that represents you.

Custom Web Design

Regardless of the domain, be it identical, your website or the template you access is unique.

Digital Marketing

For SEO, SMM or SEM we guarantee the best coverage and strategy in the online media environment.

DDoS Protection and Security Profi

Choose to block hacker attacks with adequate security and keep your website safe.


Elena Loredana Bascau

Digital Business Card.

  The presentation website is nowadays similar to our identity card. It is very easy to see how the world is technologicalizing faster than we think, and traditional methods of improving our personal profile are beginning to fail. It is not a lost case in which we can also evolve with world movements.

  That is why I suggest on the business plan to dedicate a little of your personal time for an adequate consultancy in this field and to understand your professional needs. You can also access our services page Grandl Web to be able to use an optimized consulting program.

  Our consulting services are at your disposal whenever you need adequate advice. It takes an impulse and a revelation to reach your goals and embrace the new changes that have the role of improving our lives and providing a better quality of life. The company’s website  can be accessed at any time and we are glad to have you as a client because we need people with potential to make a difference in the circle of success.

How it works

Guidance to SUCCESS.

Step 1


In order to choose the hosting service where our servers are located in the best DataCenter in Romania, we manage your unique cpannel account on which the website platform can be created.

Step 2

Website Platform

It is made according to the project established following the consultancy offered by the online platform on which it will operate depending on the need.

Step 3

Digital Marketing

The online platform requires media attention, so we move to the last and equally important landmark with a strategy well-executed by our team.

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Bascau Elena

Founder Grandl Web

"I forced myself to excel and I did not give up on achieving my goals no matter what obstacles I encountered because I knew I would not be left with what I wanted, but only with what I needed."

Bucei Cosmin

Founder BCM Solutions

" Success required a long time, patience and ambition to get the guaranteed place on the current Internet platform. The work and experience contributed to the choice to form this company, so I encourage small designers to take responsibility for making a happy customer. "

Frequently Asked Questions

By simply contacting our operators, you benefit from a free consulting session and starting an entire project meant to facilitate your idea in a professional way.

Let us prove to you the efficiency of the structures we have implemented over the years and enter into direct collaboration with us to supplement your reputation due to our clientele already formed in a closed circuit.

Because the purchase of the 2 packages guarantees you an improved security coming from us and at the same time we know how to implement the best and updated configurations and structures.

We know that humanity has gone through a critical period where the market price has undergone a great change, so now is the time to digitize. The online environment has grown in this period as it has never succeeded … Choose to be part of the movement, choose to digitize yourself in time!


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