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One company - Grandl Web - who offers you the security of a successful trajectory from the beginning to the end

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What does a Smart Project mean?

  Due to your intention to use our services, we provide you with the complete strategy to create a website exactly as it should, starting with the hosting / domain plan, continuing with the structure of the website and implementing efficient web design, and finally ending with the digital marketing strategies that our employees carry out individually depending on the requirement, field and need.

  The idea of ​​Smart Project is the assumption of our company made up of the 2 companies – Grandl Web and BCM Solution that offers you the security of a successful trajectory from the beginning to the end with us and the project we make for you. For the simplicity of collaborating with a single company regarding all the main occupant fields in the IT world, we have chosen to provide you with this service where you have a guaranteed Manager for the project in question and a certainty that what we assure you is from top to bottom. made by a single company.

The services that Smart Project provides :

We put your platform on the best hosting

Our servers are placed in the largest DataCenter in Romania.

We build the logo

We will create the image of the brand you create and we will vectorially optimize the idea we attach to the website.

We create the structure of the website

Everything related to the backend will incorporate the entire structure meant to ensure your website in optimal terms.

We realize the strategies in the online environment

We coordinate your business through the most important and necessary platforms to promote it.

We implement web design of pages

We create with the help of Photoshop and Illustrator programs the interface that the website will have.

We provide monthly maintenance

Once completed, your website needs monthly maintenance to be optimized and updated.


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What does the cohesion between Grandl web and BCM Solution mean?

Secure hosting

BCM Solution offers you the guarantee of a well-secured hosting and will ensure the data protection in the best form and programming.

High prestige IT services

Quality IT services require a well-secured platform to run according to the implemented systems.

Online for you

Contact us whenever needed and we are at your disposal 24/24 for any necessary information.

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